Why 1 Solution Detox Is The Best Detox Of South Florida

1 Solution Detox is a very popular detoxification center. It is located in South Florida. It is also the best detox of south florida. There are several reasons behind it. Keep on reading to know about them.

1 Solution Detox is a medical detoxification center. It has achieved accreditation from two of the governing bodies of Florida.

  1. The Joint Commission of Florida
  2. The Florida Department of Children and Families

This facility treats any kind of drug or alcohol detoxification. They have individualized treatment plans for every patient.

However, there are other benefits and privileges that have made 1 Solution Detox the best detox of south florida.

  • Luxurious amenities

1 Solution Detox will provide the patients with various luxurious amenities. Here, the patients will receive the utmost care and comfort possible.

  • Well furnished common areas

The common areas of the 1 Solution Detox are loaded with the following things-

  1. Televisions
  2. Digital gaming
  3. Bean bags
  4. Couches

These will make the patients feel relaxed. The patients will also get comfort. So, the patients will be able to spend quality time here. They will not feel bored for a moment.

  • Access to the cafeteria and group rooms at any time

The cafeteria and the group rooms in 1 Solution Detox remain open twenty-four hours every day. The patients can visit those places whenever they want.

  • Individual TV sets and headphones

The patients will get TV sets and headphones attached to their beds. They can watch movies, shows, and entertainment programs as much as they want. The headphones will also allow each patient to enjoy watching television without disturbing the others.

  • Specially designed beds

Proper sleep is very necessary for the process of detoxification. For that, the beds of the 1 Solution Detox are designed in a special way. The mattresses of the beds are made of hybrid green tea gel-infused memory foam.

The sheets of those beds have a cooling and regulating technology. These will help the patients to sleep better and easier. The patients will feel a lot more relaxed.

  • Twenty-four hours of medical support

The medical team of the 1 Solution Detox is available twenty-four hours a day. The patients can reach them at any time whenever they need any help. The team is always ready to meet the needs of the patients.

All these beneficial facilities have made the 1 Solution Detox the best detox of south florida. This detoxification center has two types of rehabilitation facilities for the patients-

  1. Inpatient rehabilitation
  2. Outpatient rehabilitation

The patients can choose any of their convenience.

1 Solution Detox designs different treatment plans for every patient based on some factors. The treatment is designed according to the type of drug or alcohol, the duration of the abuse, the physical health of the patients, the state of mental health of the patients, and so forth.

This allows each patient to receive individualized and proper treatment. All you need to do is contact them and reserve a bed.

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