What Is XIRR In Mutual Fund And How Does It Works?

Most people invest in mutual funds, hoping to profit from returns and capital growth. You can calculate your returns using a variety of different metrics, but the three that are most frequently used are compound annual growth rates (CAGR), internal rate of return (IRR), and extended internal rates of return (XIRR).

What Is XIRR?

A number can be fixed on the gains or losses from the invested amount in mutual funds using the mathematical formula XIRR. A rate of return is used to express the profits and losses. The most often used approach to assess how much the maturity value has produced for you as an investor in this sector is to do so.

The Extended Internal Rate of Return is referred to as XIRR. The market offers a variety of rates-of-return methodologies, including Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

Why is XIRR accurate for Mutual Funds?

CAGR must be considered when deciding whether to invest in mutual fund, but XIRR is more crucial when assessing your investment returns. While most investments are not as regularly spaced as mutual funds, XIRR is used for assets where cash flows are evenly distributed across time. XIRR offers a more accurate method of calculating the return when a series of investments are made over time, including rewards, outflows, switches, and other transactions. XIRR is significantly better than different approaches for calculating mutual fund returns.

XIRR Calculation

Now that you are aware of the definition of XIRR let’s examine its computations.

Your XIRR can be calculated using the methods below using the XIRR algorithm to compute mutual funds in Excel.

  1. Create a column for all your investment transactions, designating outflows (purchases and investments) as negatives and inflows (redemptions) as positives.
  2. Type the investment date in the following column.
  3. Enter your assets’ current value and date in the following field.
  4. Use Excel’s XIRR function, denoted by the symbol =XIRR (values, date, Guess).
  5. In the payment schedule’s date column, choose the cash flow values corresponding to those. Include the cash flow dates and investment dates in the date column. If no value is given for the optional Guess parameter, Excel sets the value to 0.1.

XIRR Example

Let’s say you started a Rs. 10,000 monthly SIP in a mutual fund plan and kept it up for five years. Let’s also imagine that, after many ups and downs, the total worth of your investments increased to Rs. 8.84 lakh after 5 years.

In this illustration, your initial Rs 10,000 payment has been held for five years or 60 months. The annual return on this first month’s instalment will be different as it was held for the longest period.

In other words, each instalment’s CAGR fluctuates since it is invested for a variable length of time. It will be challenging to understand and evaluate the success of a mutual fund scheme if you examine the CAGR of each of these instalments. These CAGRs are combined and normalised into a single CAGR to simplify things. The XIRR of a mutual fund scheme is displayed using this corrected CAGR.

How XIRR in Mutual Funds Works?

You must invest your money in SIP investments over several instalments instead of lump-sum mutual fund investments, which involve a single cash entry and outflow. Although the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) can be used to calculate the returns, the time intervals between succeeding cash flows must always be the same if the IRR formula is to be used.

However, even if the investments are made irregularly, XIRR simplifies the returns calculation procedure. The returns can be calculated using an excel spreadsheet, where the XIRR function alters the IRR and allows you to assign particular dates to different cash flows.


Both XIRR and CAGR are used to calculate mutual fund returns. CAGR is frequently used for contributions made in a single payment, but XIRR is commonly used for SIP instalment payments. It is typically better for owners to be knowledgeable about return calculations so that they are independent of others.

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