What are Search Terms and How does Google Rank Websites?

A search term is also referred to search query. It is a phrase or a word that a user enters into a search engine. Search terms are a single keyword or a string of keywords that are a part of or the entire length of a phrase. These keywords are mostly used by

  1. SEO professionals or agencies for ranking a website.
  2. Digital marketers to bid on PPC campaigns

Keyword targeting begins with the user’s search term. If you don’t know How To Use Google Ads Keyword Planner, hire an expert to do the same, or enlighten yourself if you want to go DIY.

How Google ranks websites…

Google considers many factors when ranking pages like relevant keywords, meta keywords and their use in the title tags, headlines and meta descriptions. Don’t be concerned about the keyword density. All you should focus on is high volume keywords that are relevant to your brand or content.

Another metric to be considered is your website page authority which is ascertained by Google PageRank. The more backlinks you gain, the better your website reputation will be amongst Google crawlers. In other words, easier for your page to rank higher on the basis of a targeted keyword.

Page authority relies on the strength of the backlinks. For scoring more, you need a lot of backlinks from reputable websites. There are many ways to gain them, all you have to do is steer clear from black hat SEO techniques like buying backlinks.

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