Promotional Items

Using Promotional Items to Help Gain Customers

In this day and age, with new information constantly being thrown at consumers, it can be hard for new businesses to be remembered. Having a great website and updated social media accounts are not enough to attract and keep the attention of new potential customers. So, therefore, it is important for new businesses to think about unique promotional strategies that will aid in reaching out to potential customers and retaining them.

Cater Your Promotional Items to Your Target Audience

Putting serious thought into who you are intending to target as a potential customer will go a long way in your promotional strategy. People receive promotional items all the time, but they keep the ones they can use multiple times. Which is great for you, because every time they use it, they will see your brand. Which can lead to brand recognition and that ever so coveted brand of promotion: word of mouth!

The Best Types of Promotional Items

While it is important to take some time to brainstorm about potential unique promotional items surrounding your business niche, initially it may be more cost-effective to use more traditional promotional items that are tried and true. Here are some below:

Promotional T-Shirts

Everyone wears t-shirts because they are convenient and reliable. Many people wear them to run errands or to work out in. They are literally walking billboards so it’s essential you pick the right style for your target audience. You want the customer to wear some Marketiers promotional shirts, not stuff them in a drawer and then forget about them.

Promotional Pens

Everyone knows that you can never have too many pens. Pens are definitely an item that almost everyone uses multiple times a day. You can give out promotional pens almost everywhere and at any time. If you are thinking of using this item, it is important to remember to place your contact information upon them.

Promotional Mugs

Most of us are either coffee or tea people so giving out mugs designed with your logo and contact information is a very smart idea. When a customer uses your mug, their hands and eyes are in direct contact with your brand. This is a cost-effective, high-quality item that can produce great results for your company down the line.

Promotional USB Drives

Spare USB drives are increasingly becoming more and more necessary for busy people on the go. Many people store their USB drives in their work and computer bags or briefcases, so it is always on them. This is like a business card with functionality and is a highly efficient promotional tool.

Promotional Keychain Flashlights

Flashlights are usually an item that you don’t think about until you need it. Most people prefer to place them on their keychains so that they will always know where a spare flashlight is. This is good if that keychain flashlight is a promotional item. That means that every time someone plays with, picks up and uses their keys, your brand will be front and center.