Top universities in the US

Getting into top universities is hard but also very attractive. This article will introduce three top universities in the US, if you qualified for these university, this article will help them know the schools better.

Yale University (耶鲁大学)

Yale University, or Yale, is a world-renowned private research university located in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale University is a member of the Ivy League, a veteran prestigious alliance in the northeastern United States, and one of the eight Ivy League schools that value undergraduate education. As one of the most influential private universities in the United States, Yale University is the third university established in the history of the United States. Its undergraduate is school as famous as Harvard University and Princeton University undergraduate students. The school is ranked 3rd in the 2016-18 US News undergraduate degree. Yale University has gone out of five US presidents, 19 US Supreme Court justices, 16 billionaires, and so on.

Yale’s professors, curriculum, and teaching facilities are world-class. As of 2015, Yale University professors and alumni have won 52 Nobel Prizes (ranked 10th in the world) and 5 Fields (ranked 12th in the world). The Yale University Library has 15 million books and ranks second in the American University Library System. The 260 buildings on the Yale campus cover the design style of each historical period and have been hailed as “the most beautiful city campus in the United States” by an architectural reviewer.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (麻省理工学院

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is a world-renowned private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. MIT researchers worked on computers, radar, and Important developments in technology such as inertial navigation systems

In 2017-18, MIT ranks first in the world in QS World University, second in US News World University in the world, fourth in world university academic ranking (ARWU) and fifth in Times Higher Education World University ranks. In June 2018, Times Higher Education announced the reputation of the world’s universities. MIT ranked second in the world, only behind Harvard University.

Dartmouth College (达特茅斯大学
Founded in 1769, Dartmouth College is one of the world’s oldest universities in the United States and one of the eight private Ivy Leagues. Located in the small town of Hanover in New Hampshire. The establishment of the school by Pastor Lizavlock, the purpose was to cultivate young people and young whites of the local Indian tribe.

The undergraduate enrollment competition is very intense, and the undergraduate enrollment rate is only 10.3%. Like Brown University, which is also one of the Ivy Leagues, one of the biggest features of the school is small and refined. In today’s growing university population, Dartmouth College maintains a strict admissions system and a very high entry barrier, with a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1:7, making it a small, high-quality private research university. There are about 4,200 undergraduates, about 2,000 graduate students, and 1,081 professors. Three Nobel Prize winners have studied here.

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