Top Cosmetic Dentistry Ways To Transform Your Smile

Do you feel conscious of getting clicked on by your family members? Do you have social anxiety? Is it because of your smile? When you meet someone, a smile is probably the first thing you notice about them. If you do not feel confident about your smile, there are different ways to transform it. A cosmetic dentist in Fairfield, ME, has suggested the top 5 dental solutions for a smile transformation. So, without any delay, let’s dive in! 

Dental Cosmetic Treatments For Smile Transformation 

1. Teeth whitening 

It is a common dental treatment. During the procedure, dentists use bleaching products to remove stains from your teeth. Bleaching uses peroxide-containing bleach to eliminate deep stains from surfaces. These brighten up your teeth. Also, they make them look whiter. You can rely on different home remedies to transform your smile.  

2. Veneers 

Dental veneers is a cosmetic procedure that improves your teeth’ appearance. They can enhance color and are affixed to the front surfaces of your teeth. Your teeth’s natural position is maintained by veneers. In all, these are designed to correct all tooth imperfections. 

3. Gum contouring 

Dental specialists perform gum contouring as a cosmetic procedure that resculpts and reshapes your gum. During the procedure, your dentist carefully removes extra gum tissues present around your teeth. Further, the gum line is reshaped. If you have gummy smiles, this procedure is highly recommended. 

4. Invisalign 

Do you suffer from uneven teeth? Braces are an excellent solution that includes the technique of pulling and pushing to relocate your teeth. If you’re not comfortable with traditional braces, choose Invisalign. These are clear aligners that are fixed on your natural teeth and bring them to the right position. Since these are completely transparent, you will feel comfortable. 

5. Dental implants 

An orthodontic anchor or support for a dental prosthesis, such as a crown is provided by a dental implant, which interfaces with the jaw or skull bone. Further, a crown is attached to give a natural look. After the effect of anesthesia goes off, you may experience mild pain. 

Wrapping Up 

You can trust your dentist to make grin corrections if you don’t already have the ideal smile. These are a few of the top dental cosmetic procedures for transforming smiles. 

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