Starshelper helps you play all the games in the poker series. It is highly powerful and allows you to enter bets in the name of blinds. It helps to convert the value of stacks, bets, and pot to the corresponding values of big binds into a client. You can find the total pot value in big blinds. The program allows you to see pot odds and necessary outs for calls in real-time and see pot value in big blinds.

The site is multi-functional and is notable for its impressive content. Before beginning to play, you have to download the software. To familiarize yourself with the Starshelper, they give you a free trial period of 30 days. If you are ok with the product you can get a license for lifelong by paying 35 dollars.

How to get started with starshelper?

It is much better to download the software from their official site. It gets downloaded easily and quickly. After downloading, you can either create a shortcut to it or pin it in the launch bar. You can set automatic updating to new levels or else it can be done manually. Make sure that the firewall or antivirus software does not block star helpers.

There are three simple steps to be followed to check the correct working of star helpers. Select the English language in the main lobby. This can be done by opening settings. The option called global can be clicked where you have the option to play in different languages. You can select English and start playing.

The next thing you have to do is to select all the chat messages from the dealer at the tables. Again in the settings, you have the options of table appearances, chat, etc. If you go to stars helper settings you can duplicate your preferences.

It can be used both by professionals and beginners. It allows you to convert the stack size to Bg blinds you can use hotkeys, create patterns of bets, mark the tabs with different colors, and highlight. The blind level, stack size, table size, number of players, action, current position, active table, bank balance, and window titles all can be highlighted.

Hotkeys can be used to set change, increase or decrease the bet, simulate pressing the right or left click, control the number of work tables, and close the table.

Other useful functions of this site include converting all chips to blinds, create preset bet sizing by filters, it automatically closes different windows give messages after a minimum snooze time.

You can also enable some automatic actions it is worth setting it back and sit out next depending on your stack size, The price of this gambling site is also competitive. And it can be used on any number of computers. You can buy it through payment systems like PayPal, skrill, and credit cards.

Advantages of starshelper

  • It is convenient to convert chips to BB
  • Simple and comprehensible interface
  • Low cost of the license
  • Informative display

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