The Benefits of Onsite Shredding for Businesses

There are two options when it comes to shredding your confidential or obsolete documents: offsite and onsite. Onsite is quickly becoming the most popular option, with onsite companies offering convenient and secure solutions on the company’s premises, overseen by the company’s own staff.

Businesses have a legal obligation to destroy every document that is no longer being used. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires data to be completely erased if it is no longer needed, and every trace needs to be destroyed or there could be huge fines coming your way.


On-site shredding providers are a quick and convenient option. By using an on-site shredding service provider, your business is given the choice of when the shredding company arrives to shred the documents. You can have services come to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or even as a one-off service. Many providers have a range of storage facilities such as lockable cabinets, sacks, and secure transportable bins for the time in between shredding. This means that all of your documents never leave your premises until everything is safely shredded.


By shredding your business’ documents on-site, you give your business a greater level of security. This is due to the fact that by keeping all of your documents on the premises, the risk of them not being kept confidential is dramatically decreased. Mobile shredding services often offer containers protected by lock and key. This means that the documents aren’t accessible once they are inside.


Time is money. Having your business’ documents shredded on-site by an efficient outsourced paper shredding service provider saves you time and money. The paper shredding process is completed quickly and easily on your premises and can be overseen by yourself or any member of staff, rather than a long manual process done by inexperienced employees. This method also saves you the time and hassle of having to load all of your documents into your own shredder daily, by just destroying it all at once. Furthermore, any delays due to other work commitments or technical difficulties with the shredding equipment are eliminated, as professionals have industrial shredding vehicles that do not fall folly to the same weaknesses. These time-saving benefits will make an impact on your day-to-day business efficiency, and give your staff increased time to complete more valuable work.

Is it the best option?

Using a certified company gives you peace of mind that your documents have been properly disposed of, and all data has been entirely destroyed. With shredding done on your premises, you can be sure the task has been completed. You can have complete confidence that the job has been done and has been done correctly. You can find options for onsite shredding here.

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