Successfully Navigating Australian Customs

As anyone involved with moving goods around the world is well aware, accurate knowledge of the customs rules and regulations of the country the goods are destined for is of paramount importance. Just because a product is readily accepted in markets you are doing business already, does not mean that this will necessarily be universally the case. Australia has extremely strict importation legislation in customs and quarantine, designed to protect its crops and wildlife from any possible foreign bug or parasite, and many products that would be acceptable in many places, simply cannot be imported there. Especially where food or perishable goods are concerned, having the correct approvals and documentation are absolutely critical, so cooperating with a local customs broker is absolutely essential, before you even package the goods to start with.

Know Your Obligations

It really is vital that you have highly accurate information on the laws, regulations and duties applicable to all goods, whether being imported or exported, as failure to do so, can cause massive problems down the track. Utilising the services of a respected and professional broker such as Whale Logistics Customs Broker, will provide you with access to a deep understanding of every piece of legislation that could possibly impact you, ensure you are aware in advance of duties payable, along with reliable data on the status of your shipment, and projected delivery time. Having such accurate and timely advice will provide you with piece of mind that you have covered your obligations, while helping you to manage your costs and delivery schedules simultaneously.

Avoid Delays

Possibly due to the very strict nature of Australian importation legislation, the border security staff are of necessity highly vigilant, though it has been suggested that some of them are possibly a little too enthusiastic at trying to find a problem where one arguably doesn’t really exist. Delays as every shipper knows are costly, highly inconvenient and to be avoided at all costs. The documentation involved can be absolutely horrific, and if you are unaware of where to turn in case of an issue, the subsequent delays could be ruinous. This is truly where the experienced customs broker is worth their weight in gold, having the precise local knowledge of how to deal with any potential problem and where to go to get it resolved to help you avoid any delays that could have a negative impact on your business.

Finding the Right Broker

While an Internet search will undoubtedly find you an array of potential brokers offering their services, selecting the right one is possibly the most important decision you will make when entering a new country. Especially given the geographical nature of a country the size of Australia, finding a broker with a nationwide presence is of particular importance. From the moment of your first enquiry, you should be looking for a friendly, but professional service, which offers you high quality advice, and alerts you to the most common mistakes made by others in your position.

Firms with the right depth of experience and up to date knowledge of everything to do with even the most current regulations, will shine through like a beacon, subsequently guiding you on the right path to successfully seeing your shipments pass through in regulation fashion.

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