Stainless steel sheet grades

Stainless Steel Sheet is a metal sheet made up of stainless steel materials. There are different forms and types of the materials available so that they have to be graded to maintain the quality all over the world. A buyer who wants buy a Stainless Steel Sheet must be able to check the requirement just by knowing the grading.

There are different grades such as the 301, 302, 303, 309,316 and 321 in the 300 series. There are other series which contain different grades. Each series has specific grades that correspond to specific requirements and applications. The 440 grade from the 400 series for example is a higher grade of cutlery steel. It contains more carbon and this property helps the steel in edge retention. It is used in razor blades and is also known as razor blade steel.

The type 321 from the 300 series for example is strong and also is resistant to weld decaying because of the titanium content in it. This helps the steel to be welded excessively without causing much chromium carbide precipitation which is vulnerable to corrosion stress cracking.

The steel sheets are used in many applications such as transport, medical, construction, chemical and other industries which require strong and corrosion resistant metal sheets. The 316 stainless steel plate is one which is used in the high pressure, high temperature and high tensile stress applications. The ss 304 sheet price differs according to specification and the alloy materials present because of the cost of raw material.

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