Reasons your HK Website has Poor SEO Ranking

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) helps bring traction to your website and make it profitable. That is why you must identify what might jeopardise your website. Working with a good provider of SEO services HK will ensure your SEO is on the right track. Below are some reasons you may have poor SEO ranking:

You have a New Site

When you optimise your website for SEO, you should not think that it will instantly rank. Sometimes, being ranked for certain keywords can take weeks or even months. What you can do is to check if your site has been indexed.

Your Site Lacks Optimisation

If you want your HK website to have good SEO rankings, ensure it is optimised. This applies to ensuring file sizes are compressed and your website supports mobile viewing.

You are Not Targeting the Right Kinds of Keywords

Short, high-volume keywords might be over saturating today’s market. Although it can help to have all kinds of keywords, focus on specific ones that fit your niche, specialisation, and industry. This lets you appear more unique than your competitors, particularly in the eyes of search engines.

Your Site Does Not Have Relevant Content

Search engines appreciate websites with informative, relevant, and entertaining content. When creating content for your website, write in a way that makes people return to your site and buy your offer.

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