Pros & Cons Of Using A Dual Monitor Computer Desk

No matter if you work from home or at an office, the reality is that most of us need a dual monitor computer desk. While you may not be used to use two different monitors to work at the same time, as soon as you start using them, you will begin to see the differences in terms of your productivity.

One of the things that we have to say about using two monitors instead of just one is that some people may take a bit longer to get used to.

Dual Monitor Setup

Simply put, when you are looking to start working with two monitors instead of one, you will need to have them connected to the same desktop or laptop.

In case you’re just starting with this setup, it is preferable that you work with two similar monitors. However, if you already have another one that you’re not using at home, you can definitely work with it as well.

The monitors should be placed side by side on your dual monitor computer desk.

Pros Of Using A Dual Monitor Computer Desk

#1: Increase Your Productivity

This is the main advantage of using a dual monitor computer desk. According to a 2012 report done by Jon Peddie Research, there is an increase of about 42% in productivity when users choose to use two monitors instead of one.

#2: Use Multiple Programs At The Same Time

Some tasks may require you more space than the monitor that you are using has available. And the truth is that you need to see every single pixel of your screen. So, when you are using a dual monitor computer desk with two monitors instead of one, you can use multiple programs or software at the same time without any problems of not being able to see some important piece of information.

#3: Adds Flexibility

While you may think that a dual monitor setup can only be used with a desktop, the truth is that more and more people have been using it with a laptop successfully. While not all laptops allow you to do this (or have the capacity to do it properly), there are already great options on the market.

Besides, if you prefer to work on your laptop, you can still enjoy the flexibility. After all, you just need to unplug the second monitor and you’re all set to take your laptop with you.

#4: Share Data Between Applications Is Easier And Faster

Sometimes, you just need to share data between different applications. But when you have a small monitor or the applications need a large area to be worked with, you should definitely seek for an alternative. And the best one is to get yourself a second monitor and a beautiful dual monitor computer desk.

#5: Video Conferences Without Problems

In certain occasions, you may need to have a video conference with a customer, a business partner or even a supplier. And in most cases, you need to quickly access different types of data. In these cases, having a dual monitor setup is definitely the best approach. You will look professional and extremely efficient.

#6: Comparing Documents Or Data

When you need to frequently compare documents or some specific data, you will see how having a dual monitor computer desk is a better approach. This task will be incredibly faster from now on and you’ll be able to dedicate your time to other tasks.

Cons Of Using A Dual Monitor Computer Desk

#1: It’s Not For Everyone

While there are a lot of advantages in using a dual monitor computer desk, the reality is not all of us actually need this kind of setup. In case you or your tasks don’t fit into any the situations we just described above, then you won’t really need this setup.

In addition, dual monitor computer desks are not for everyone. Some people prefer smaller desks and others just can’t get used to a dual monitor setup.

#2: You May Get Yourself Distracted More Often

While a dual monitor computer desk may increase your productivity, it can also be a source of distractions.

Let’s say that you decide to have your email and social media accounts always open to checking the different notifications. While this could save you the time to keep checking them one by one, in the end, they will distract you since you’ll have a tendency to see what is happening all the time.

#3: Lack Of Resources Of Your PC

Not all desktops or laptops have enough resources to support a dual monitor setup. While most allow you to easily connect the second monitor, using one also means that your computer and laptop resources will be divided between the two monitors. So, you may notice some lack of performance.

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