Preparing Data for any Qlikview Business Intelligence Strategy

Which means you own or work with a company that processes two million line products each year, you’ve 2000 customers, and 65 000 products. This will make up a fairly great deal of data. To evaluate this data you may need a Business Intelligence tool, for example Qlikview, Cognos, Business Warehouse, Pentaho or even the like. Although each one of these solutions deliver outstanding results, the most popular is Qlikview. However, before you decide to do that you will have to make sure that your database design is to establish in a way that it’ll be optimal when utilizing this data inside a BI tool.

Data in business could be essentially damaged lower in to the following groups:

Transactional data

This information is the bottom of any company. Generally the road for line transaction detail of outgoing and incoming revenues. For instance, whenever you order a magazine from the store, the road item from the book transaction is going to be kept in this table.

Customer data

This is actually the data regarding your customers. Fundamental detail like the sector they can fit into, their contact detail, street address, account status etc. Generally these connect to transactional data

Product data

This is actually the data about your products. You will see an line item within this table for each product you sell, and it’ll include detail for example cost, type, category, description, as well as other meta data concerning the physical characteristics concerning the product.

There are lots of more kinds of data in almost any business until then we’ll just take a look at these 3 to obtain began with establishing your technique for ultimate business intelligence.

Before you begin with designing reports for just about any business, you have to consider the data you’ve to begin with. Things I always do when making a database recording product is ask the company leads the things they may wish to see within their reports or business intelligence strategy. This can help figure out what they will have to capture to obtain what they need within the reports. It takes place too frequently that the business will design probably the most fantastic database system, only consider the reports in the end the event continues to be done, only to discover there’s key information they didn’t capture. This ultimately extends the event duration of the work and charges money.

We’ll take a look at a few of the key steps to obtain data prepped for any business intelligence strategy.

Select a BI tool which will meet your requirements. For that purpose of the next steps I’m just likely to assume we decide Qlikview as our BI tool of preference. Qlikview is definitely an in memory BI tool which offers a fast consumer experience even when confronted with considerable amounts of information.

Try consider the reporting aspect during the style of the ERP system you need to use. This helps to obtain the database structure layout within the most optimal format. If you do not do that you’ll have to join, and concatenate tables to get at the finish result. This isn’t always optimal and when confronted with big data can considerably affect performance even if using in memory BI tools for example Qlikview.

If you’re creating a strategy following the ERP system continues to be place in you’ll be able to design database views to obtain the base important information. You can do this by utilizing SQL views to question data within the database before putting it into Qlikview. Then Qlikview will undoubtedly query the vista, that will have the information inside it already. This can prevent getting to massage the information within the Qlikview itself.

And finally, the most crucial step, use Qlikview to produce small models with every kind of data inside it, just like your transactional, customer and product information. Create it for the company results in verify the information is correct. Make certain that every model has got the necessary keys in every table to link each table together. E.g. a transaction record must have the customerId and also the productId inside it. This really is critical when you are accept you model if your model has inconsistencies inside it in the start, it might negatively affect your BI strategy forever.

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