Play PG Games With Your Friends

Enjoy playing the latest PG games with your friends? Why wait when you can enjoy playing with friends with an extra discount? Get started by reading this article to know how to avail the same.


You can now play PG games with your friends by referring them to the website of PG Slot. Upon registration, you will be given a referral code. You have to visit the dashboard in the gaming profile to find your referral link/code.

This is to be shared with your friends. The friends who are interested to play pg slot games will join you. Ask your friend to register with the referral link/code. This will entitle you and your friend to win a certain amount of discount from the website. You can ask more than one friend to join with the same link/code.

Your friend can then further share the link/code with their friends. You can then form a team and compete against each other. Enjoy the latest PG Games and win lots of cash prizes.


To play all the PG games available on the website, you need to have an active account balance. You will require the balance to register and then bet in the games. To have a sufficient balance, keep depositing the amount from your bank account to the gaming profile.

Depositing cash is easy. You have to visit the wallet section. Enter the amount you wish to credit to the gaming wallet. Click on Add button. A confirmation number will be sent to your registered phone number. This is done to confirm the request for the addition of the amount from the bank.

Enter and submit. The amount will be added to the PG gaming profile. You can now enjoy the games an unlimited number of times. The money is added from the bank account that is linked to the gaming website at the time of registration.


Similar to a deposit, you can also withdraw amounts from your gaming profile. To withdraw, click on the gaming dashboard. Locate the option of withdrawing. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Note that the amount to be withdrawn should be lesser than the amount present in the gaming wallet.

The transaction will be automatically canceled if you enter an amount higher than the present value of the PG gaming wallet. Click on the confirm button. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number to confirm that you are the one requesting to withdraw the amount.

Once confirmed the amount will be withdrawn and credited to your bank account. You can use it like any other cash amount. Note that the gaming currencies are different from the everyday currency we use in everyday life. This is why the transaction to be reflected in the account might take few hours or a business day.


Coming to the end of this article, we have read about the transaction processing on the PG website. We also read about withdrawing amounts and how referring our friends can get us benefits of discounts from the website.

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