Know How to Ship Your Vehicle from California to Florida Using Auto Transport Services

If you want to ship your vehicle from California to Florida without any wear or tear, don’t take much stress by doing it yourself. Doing this simply wastes your time and money. Instead, more and more people are likely to get their vehicle transported using the best auto shipping company at a competitive cost.

Shipping a vehicle from the west coast to the east coast can be as simple as 1-2-3 to any auto shipping company. Over decades, shipping routes have been made efficient as well as transportation rates are competitive.

Firstly, the shipping company will calculate your vehicle shipping cost and select a particular pickup time. Secondly, they will pick up your vehicle from your current location in California. Thirdly, your vehicle will be delivered to the destination whether it is a residential or business location in Florida.

Your vehicle is your baby, no matter what it is, whether it is an ATV/UTV, a boat, a car, or any other. Auto transport services like Ship A Car, Inc can easily relocate your vehicle to/from California to Florida. SAC is a well-experienced transport broker and has direct access to the largest network of carriers. You can get their services at a fair cost with one simple phone call to (866) 821-4555 or else you can email

You might probably have some questions while shipping your vehicle. Here are some answers to your common questions to get you a clear idea about shipping.

  • How much does it cost?
  • Generally, the price may depend on many factors like distance, vehicle size, and more.
  • How big is your vehicle?
  • Usually, larger vehicles are treated with special care.
  • They have high prices as traditional trailers don’t work for them.
  • How quickly do you need it shipped?
  • If you want your vehicle quicker then, you have to afford more cost.
  • Are you shipping to a location along a major highway?
  • It costs more if you want your vehicle to travel from a major highway.
  • Do you require additional insurance?
  • Any auto shipping company carries insurance by default.
  • Insurance coverage depends mostly on requirements or extended plans.
  • If you are shipping a valuable vehicle, then purchase perfect insurance to get coverage for any damage during shipping.
  • What time of year are you shipping?
  • Avoid shipping during winter or snowbird season as the shipping prices will be more with high demand during the times.
  • How does my car get shipped?
  • The two most common methods are open auto transport and enclosed auto transport method.
  1. Enclosed auto transport – Enclosed auto transport is an ideal and smart option to move your luxury and classy vehicles.
  2. Open auto transport – An open auto transport will have double-decker carriers and is ideal for average vehicles.

Shipping a vehicle from California to Florida takes almost 7-10 days at least. Choosing the best auto transport company like SAC makes you accustomed to their top-notch service and brings you peace along with your vehicle.

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