Important Safety Measures when Working with Hydraulic Torque Wrench

A hydraulic torque wrench is one of the torque tools necessary for any home improvement projects. The tool exerts high force through a twisting motion when applied into a piece of work. Also, it comes with a clamping ability used for securing fasteners. A hydraulic torque wrench is used to increase efficiency in many domestic projects. While it is easy to use these tools, users still need to practice safety measures such as the following:

Exercising the Wrench Before Using It

Before using the wrench, it has to be checked carefully. Ensure all components are securely in place. Exercising the wrench before usage is necessary, ideally more than three times at full-scale level. This helps in ensuring the components run in the correct direction.

Practicing Proper Handling

To ensure job efficiency and personal safety, it is essential to handle the wrench properly. Grasp the handle firmly in the middle. Do not grip the hoses or other connections. Keep in mind that the torque wrench is designed to be used hands-free. Thus, do not touch the boot or reaction bar. Approach the final torque at a steady pace. Do not pull the wrench after achieving the desired torque level. Pull motion and do not push when applying the final torque.

Using Correct Sockets

You need to ensure the sockets are in good working conditions. Never use worn out or cracked sockets. Pick socket sizes that can hold the nuts well. Using sockets that are too small or too big will hinder proper working. During use, remain in a good distance away from sockets for increased safety.

Using the Wrench within the Specified Calibration Range

The torque wrench must be used within the calibration range specified. Exceeding the specified limits will be dangerous. In fact, this can damage the wrench. If you need to drop the tool at any time, have it re-calibrated. Also, make sure you maintain a regular re-calibration schedule.

Not Abusing its Capacity

The torque wrench capacity that you will use will depend on the intended job. But, it is best to use the tool at the mid-point level of its overall capacity so you will work in a comfortable setting. Also, this provides the tool with more durability.

Dressing Appropriately

When you work with a hydraulic torque wrench, make sure you dress appropriately. You want to protect your eyes from the impact of flying particles. Also, ensure your hair is securely kept away from your face. Tuck all cloth arts in place.

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