How to produce a Fundamental Web Site

HTML may be the broadly used language through the internet. It is a universal mark-up language that enables Web publishers to produce complex pages of text and pictures that may be viewed by anybody on the internet, no matter their computer or browser.

You do not need special software to produce an HTML page you just need a thing processor for example Notepad, SimpleText, BBEdit, or Ms Word.

Learning fundamental HTML is simple. HTML is basically a number of tags which are built-into a text document. They are nearly the same as stage directions – quietly telling the browser how to proceed, and just what props to make use of. HTML tags are often words (for example title) or abbreviations (for example “p” for paragraph). They’re distinguished in the regular text since the test is put into small brackets. The paragraph tag is. Some tags dictate the way the page is going to be formatted ( begins a brand new paragraph), yet others dictate the way the words appear ( < b> makes text bold).

Let us produce a web site with HTML

Open “NotePad” after which type this text exactly as you can see it here.

My Web Site

Take a look at web site.

It’s fun to create webpages.

• Save the file you produced on your desktop. Type your name for that file name after which type “.htm”

e.g. frank.htm

• Close the Notepad program and discover the brand new file you produced around the desktop and double click it

• Your internet page will open inside your internet browser!

• That’s how easy it’s to produce a fundamental HTML web site

You will find software packages which will write the Web coding for you personally. You are able to open personal files you produced in Ms Word and select “Save as Web Pag” underneath the file menu and Ms Word will instantly create the Web coding for you personally.

Microsoft’s FrontPage and Adobe’s DreamWeaver really are a couple of software packages which are people use to create webpages without writing Web coding.

How you can upload files

To make files open to everybody on the web you have to copy your file onto an internet server. Website hosting companies provide server space that people publish their web files for those to determine.

Uploading files

• To repeat you file onto an internet server, you’ll need ftp access. (FTP -ftp.

• Every site comes with an ftp address with a password

• Open Ie

• Enter in the ftp address, the username and also the password. For instance

• Type in your username and password

• Copy your file out of your desktop in to the html folder on your website

• Now your file is on the server and could be viewed by anybody that has access to the internet. Type the net address as well as your file name.e.g.

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