How to pick your low and high tone horn?

Horn is an important signaling device which many of us own in our homes and cars for emergencies and warning purposes. It can be activated by pressing a button or simply by the act of steering wheel. It is generally used to alert pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other road users of your presence.

Horns are not only restricted to use on cars but also on bikes like motorbikes either as a standalone device or integrated into the vehicle’s design. The same rules apply to both types of horns. The size and shape of the horn depend on which kind of vehicle it is attached to. To make your drive easier, let us take a look at how you can pick these accessories for car and bike.

Difference between low tone and high tone car horns

Generally, separate car horns are available in two types; one with a high pitch and the other with lower sound frequency or bass-like sound quality. These horns are known as low tone or high tone depending on the sound they generate when activated. High tones are usually preferred by drivers who want their warning signal to be heard by people at longer distances while low tones deliver higher decibel levels. While choosing between these two options, keep in mind that high tones are not as loud as low tones and will not create as much commotion as the latter. So, it is a good idea to choose these accessories for bikes and riding gear that complement your vehicle’s speed and size.

Low Tone Car Horns: Whistle Horns

These horns have a special device that generates higher frequency sound waves of around 2–4kHz. They produce a sharp sound that easily pierces through even the noisiest traffic conditions. Since these devices generate high-frequency noise, their sound can be barely heard beyond 30 feet from your car or bike, making it ineffective for use on highway roads with faster-moving traffic. However, they are best suited for bumper-to-bumper city traffic where slowing down at intersections is quite common.

High Tone Car Horns: Air Horns These devices produce sound waves of lower frequency (80–200Hz) than high-pitched or whistle cars which emit higher frequencies of 2,000 Hz at most. This deeper sound is perfect for generating commotion and alerting people at a much wider range than its high-pitched counterpart. This makes it ideal for highway use as drivers traveling at higher speeds can hear the horn from farther away. Air horns are also great for creating sounds of thunder or roar of animals which can grab attention easily.

Things to consider when buying low and high tone horns

There are certain factors you need to consider before buying road horns. These include the product specifications, type of horn, material used for construction, and suitability with your car or bike’s make.

Material: The material used to construct the horn determines how durable it is going to be over a period of time. Most manufacturers use plastic for making low tone horns while high tone air horns can vary from compact chrome alloy or metallic paint.

Size: Since the sound waves produced by these devices travel in straight lines, it is important to place them at an appropriate distance from each other so that both ends create the maximum effect on people around you. Low tone air horns should be spaced out 10–15 feet apart to ensure that they deliver sufficient sound at both ends.

Price: Of course, the cost of a set of low and high-tone horns is an important consideration before you decide to buy them. Prices tend to be higher for air horns than whistle car horns due to their extended range and powerful sound waves.

The market for road horns is growing rapidly thanks to the increasing number of vehicles on roads around the world. The best sounding car horn can be purchased online at where you can get only the best quality accessories for your car and bike but also car care products at the most accessible prices. Choose the best brands, and durable products delivered right to your doorstep. Go ahead, install the best bike horns from Carorbis, and happy driving!

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