How to Maintain Commercial Dishwashers

Professional equipment for catering facilities is the need of anyone who wants to deal seriously with this business. Commercial equipment includes everything that is used for preparing, cooking, storing and serving food and drink, whether it’s a restaurant, a café, or a street food truck.

Check here why hygiene is one of the first things in the hospitality and catering business. You need equipment from materials that are easy to maintain and won’t break easily, especially when it comes to preparing food. Commercial dishwashers are an essential element in every kitchen, and they do a great job. These are machines that replace the hand washing of dishes, and thus greatly ease the work in restaurants and bars. If you serve them on time, they’ll serve you too.

Remove Food Scraps

Rough cleaning of dishes is necessary before placing them into the dishwasher. Before you even start to wash dishes, you should remove large pieces of food, and possibly the oils that are on it. Remove as much as you can. A professional dishwasher can wash all these impurities, but sink and drains can clog very quickly, so why risk?

Large food scraps can be stuck in drain hoses or filters. Fat and other dirt will accumulate over time on the walls of the pipes, creating very resistant deposits that will prevent water to flow away. And not to mention all those unpleasant smells from the sink.

Drain the Dishwasher Regularly

The problem from the previous paragraph usually causes the keeping of water in the sink. Although commercial dishwashers, like these,  are made of special materials that are resistant to corrosion, they will eventually become weakened. Stray water can also cause an unpleasant smell.

The sink drainage should be done as soon as you see the first signs of slower flowing away. It means that the problem has already arisen. Check the pipes and filters connected to the sink. Blow or pour the boiling water through them. In specialized stores, you can also find pipe cleaning products. After finishing drainage, leave the tank open to make it dry.

Wash the Inside and the Outside of Dishwasher

The deposits will eventually create inside the dishwasher after a while. In order to prevent this, you can wash both inside and outside of the dishwasher regularly (preferably at the end of working hours). After picking up all dishes, you can wipe the outside with a clean cloth to collect the remains of the water.

The maintenance of the interior of the dishwasher is more important. Food or detergent residues can deposit inside. There is no need to use specific cleaning agent; all you need is a water jet is enough to rinse all the remains. Don’t forget arms and jets – you might need to unscrew and remove them, and clean them separately. Leave the dishwasher open overnight so it can dry. You should also know what causes nasty odor from your commercial dishwasher, there are a lot of tricks online on how to get rid of it.

Check Filters

Various food residues can cause bad smells from the dishwasher. The filters serve to prevent the passage of large pieces of food in the drain hoses. So these leftovers usually stay on these parts of commercial dishwashers. If you don’t remove them from time to time, they can cause a very unpleasant smell. Even leaving the tank open won’t remove the odor.

Fewer food particles can be found under the filters too. The solution is regular cleaning and changing filters. Commercial dishwashers use a lot of water and wash thousands of dishes, so you’ll need new filters every couple of months. They lose their function in time (or clog), so regular servicing is the best solution for this problem.

Most business owners of catering facilities start to solve the dishwasher issue it appears. What they neglect or don’t know is that the problem probably wouldn’t happen that the machines were regularly maintained and serviced. Maintaining catering equipment is just as important for your catering business as the quality of the food you offer. From the very beginning, you should include machine maintenance into a business plan. It can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

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