How To Increase Your Consult Conversion Rate

Generating hundreds of leads for your plastic surgery practice means nothing if they aren’t quality leads.

Quality medical practice leads defined

A high-quality lead is far more likely to become a patient. Low-quality leads are those patients who book a consultation but never show up.

If you’ve been thinking that your low consult conversion rate has something to do with you not saying the right things, your quotes not being presented correctly or your staff doing a poor job, you could be completely wrong.

Sometimes, it all comes down to your marketing.

3 questions to help you increase your consult conversion rate

Question 1: Is your campaign targeting detailed enough?

If you know that you’re developing and promoting quality content and marketing campaigns but you still aren’t seeing the conversion rates that you’re hoping for, it may be time to take a closer look at your targeting.

Azuri Group is a marketing agency specialised in medical practices that recommends using detailed targeting for the most effective results. Ask yourself whether you’re really using all of the targeting capabilities of your chosen platform as you may be able to refine your targeting to attract a more specific patient and increase your conversion rates.

Social media and Google AdWords offers an array of targeting options that you should definitely be taking advantage of if you’re running paid marketing campaigns.

Question 2: What image is your practice portraying online?

What does a potential patient see when they visit your website or social media pages or when they discover one of your ads?

It’s important to make sure that your brand’s messaging would actually appeal to the type of patient you’re trying to attract and that your messaging is consistent across all platforms. Something as simple as changing the wording or imaging that you use in your content and promotions could start attracting an entirely new audience that will convert and actually attend their consultations too.

Focus on what’s important to your ideal patient when developing your messaging to increase your consult conversion rates.

Question 3: Which platforms are you using to promote your practice?

Start by looking at the platforms and websites that you’re currently using to promote your plastic surgery practice and ask yourself whether your ideal patient uses it on a regular basis.

Not every website and social media platform is the right fit for your practice and a broad promotional approach could be harming your consult conversion rate instead of enhancing it. There is a lot of data and research available online that will help you determine whether your target audience is actually present on the platforms you’re using to promote your plastic surgery practice.

Before you start looking at your internal processes, pricing and staff, start by revaluating how your practice is being portrayed online and whether there are changes that you can make to your marketing strategy and campaigns to attract quality leads and increase your consult conversion rates over the long term.

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