How Is Polkadots Actively Reinforcing The Concept Of Internet Freedom?

With several tech giants and blockchain rebels coming together to make a new form of web, the onus is on the shoulders of the sovereign chains to protect the freedom on the internet. One such strong force resisting such hindrances to internet freedom is Polkadot. Let us look at some of the basic concepts associated with the reinforcement of internet freedom and decentralized autonomous networks by Polkadots.

What is the dark web?

Whenever someone searches on any topic on the internet, they make sure of certain search engines. The dark web is that part of the internet that the search engines do not have access to. This dark web can be staff monitoring system considered as the hub of several illegal and criminal activities. One can found a plethora of illicit materials on these websites. If you want to access any of these dark websites, you will use the common anonymizing browser, Tor.

Why are dark websites harmful?

Dark websites have proved to be harmful to several companies. These websites provide access to different subscriptions related to channels which otherwise will charge some amount. As a result, the users can subscribe to the channels without paying anything.

People might also find guns, drugs, counterfeit money, and can also hack into other people’s accounts. Such hackers are professionally hired to hack into the system and retrieve different usernames and passwords. As a result, the login credentials become available to different enterprises.

However, you might also find legitimate websites on the dark web.

Initiatives are taken by Polkadot to counter dark web

To counter the effect of the dark web, Polkadots have joined forces to make a new web. This web will be so designed that it will not entertain any illegal activities. They are arranging a new conference from May 19-20, 2021, by the name Polkadot Decoded. At this conference, several speakers will speak on diverse topics ranging from parachains, parsing parachains, capturing behind codes, auctions, slots, crowd loans, community talks, and a chat with Mr. Gavin Wood. Such topics will cover various aspects like layer one, bridges, interoperability, NFT, energy, IOT, to name a few.

Along with such conferences, intricate visionaries are also identifying bigger problems and working towards their solutions. They will also talk about the application of specific use cases that can find the solution to several pressing problems. The conference will also conduct several hands-on technical sessions focussed on providing education to users on the topic of Polkadot technology. Even tech talks will be conducted on these topics.

Important news for those who want to register

All those aspiring attendants who want to register for the event can register for free. The organizers will use the Hopin platform to organize the events. The users and attendees are instructed to read the guidelines to have the best event experience. In case anyone misses this event, they can see the proceedings on the Youtube channel of Polkadot.

Such an important step taken by Polkadot to counter the dark web has made the headlines of different crypto news channels.

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