How David Hannah & Cornerstone Can Simplify Claiming Back Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is something that many people have to pay when they sell a property, and unless the value of the property is less than the threshold, it is not something you can avoid. However, you can sometimes get a refund on the Stamp Duty you have paid, depending on your circumstances, and the likes of David Hannah and Cornerstone can help you with this. There are various reasons why you may be entitled to a refund of the Stamp Duty you have paid, and you also need to consider whether you will use a service to claim this back or do the job yourself. Before you start the process of applying, you will need to ensure you are eligible, and you can find out more information about this below.

Who Can Apply For A Refund?

There are various reasons why someone may be entitled to a Stamp Duty refund, and the most common one is as follows. If you purchase a second home and then sell your primary home within three years, you can receive a refund on duty you have paid, and you can claim this back. There have also been cases where a home is uninhabitable, and the owners have successfully received a Stamp Duty refund for the duty they paid on the property. You may also overpay Stamp Duty which would entitle you to a refund, and the best course of action is to talk to professionals who are experts in Stamp Duty and see if you are eligible for a Stam Duty refund.

Using A Professional Service

If you have found out that you are eligible for a Stamp Duty refund, using a professional service is the easiest way to claim this. You can use various companies to streamline your claim and ensure your application is made correctly, which will also help you get your refund quickly. Using a professional service, they can check your eligibility for a refund, ensure you get back what you are entitled to, and deal with all the paperwork, so you do not have to. They can fill out the forms and then submit them through the government website and keep you informed of the progress of your application. There is a fee for this service, but it can take the headache out of filling out forms and ensuring everything is done correctly, so it is often a price worth paying.

Doing The Application By Yourself

However, if you have time on your hands and you are not in a rush for your Stamp Duty refund, you can always consider making the application yourself. It is not an overly complicated procedure, and you can find lots of helpful advice online that will help you with your application. You can click here to go to the government website to see all the information you need to make your application. The link will also tell you how you can submit this online to apply for your refund and get this money back so you can spend it on something else.

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