How Can Environmentally Friendly Gifts Save the Environment?

Giving and exchanging gifts on special occasions is a common ritual in cultures worldwide. In the modern-day, most of these gifts have plastic components and could also contain other non-biodegradable materials harmful to the planet. Adding to it, the colourful wrappings these gifts come in are also non-biodegradable in most cases. So, what can we do to combat this menace? We can’t just stop gifting, right? Here is what we can do: exchange environmentally friendly gifts that spread joy and save the planet.

Six Reasons How Environment-Friendly Gifts Can Help Our Earth 

When you choose environmentally friendly gifts, you help the earth and its inhabitants in many ways, including the following-

  1. Less plastic waste

Plastic pollution is a major environmental concern these days, and the UK generates more than two million metric tons of plastic waste in packaging every year. Traditional gifts are more often than not packed in non-biodegradable plastic wrapping paper. On the contrary, eco-friendly gifts like artisan items or handmade paintings don’t require any plastic wrapping. You can simply use natural or reusable packaging material to wrap these items or gift them without wrapping.

  1. Make the world greener

One of the loveliest gifts you can give your loved ones is live plants. You can choose to gift flowering shrubs or a kitchen herb garden kit or succulents. Irrespective of the type of plant you choose, one thing is clear: your gift just made the world a little greener! You can also give your loved ones a forest cluster and participate in conserving our planet’s natural resources. And the best thing is, live plants and forest clusters don’t even require to be wrapped!

  1. Gentler on the planet

Eco-friendly gifts are a lot gentler on the planet than traditional ones. These gifts are mostly made of recyclable and biodegradable materials and are easy to dispose of. If you choose sturdy, long-lasting gifts, you could give your loved ones the chance to enjoy your gifts for a longer period while also being gentle on the planet. As a bonus, gifts that are good for the earth are also better for human health.

  1. Easy disposal

Waste disposal is a major problem across the globe. It has more serious consequences, especially in western countries. People spend around £700 million on unwanted presents in the UK alone. These presents end up in landfills, adding to land pollution. On the other hand, eco-friendly gifts are primarily biodegradable and easier to dispose of. They don’t take years to disintegrate or cause environmental pollution.

  1. Helps save natural resources

Environment-friendly gifts help save natural resources. A solar-powered gadget harnesses the power of the sun to run and doesn’t require any non-renewable fuels. Since eco-friendly gifts, in general, last a lot longer and are easier to dispose of, they don’t pollute the environment and help preserve natural resources from degradation. 

  1. Easily recycled 

One of the most significant environmental advantages of eco-friendly gifts is that they are effortless to recycle. Green products can be recycled and reused when their shelf life ends. Products made with natural ingredients like bamboo, paper, dried flowers, clay, etc., decompose naturally. 

In Closing Thoughts 

Make gift-giving a memorable and happy experience for your loved ones by making or buying them thoughtful and environment-friendly gifts. Besides being recyclable and easy to dispose of, these gifts can also play a vital role in making the environment greener. All you need to do is invest a little money, some time and energy and put in lots of love to choose gifts that are great for everyone—humans, animals and the planet. 

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