Gatis Eglitis of EXANTE broker – a profile

Knowing the person behind the broker is a great way for traders to determine if the broker’s values align with their own. In this profile, we look at Gatis Eglitis, Executive Director at EXANTE, a global investment company headquartered in Malta. Below are the key points we want to highlight about Gatis Eglitis of EXANTE:

  • Graduated with degrees in International Economic Relations, Finance, and Strategic Management
  • Has extensive knowledge in the financial markets, institutional sales, and business development
  • Founded EXANTE alongside Anatoliy Knyazev and Alexey Kirienko in 2011
  • Is regularly involved in panel discussions in the financial and technology sphere
  • Is passionate about starting eco-projects and investing in sustainable innovations

Gatis Eglitis – a full profile

Gatis Eglitis was born in Latvia and has degrees in International Economic Relations and Finance from the University of Latvia. He then moved to Denmark to obtain a second postgraduate degree in Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School.

He began his career at Danish investment bank Saxo Bank as an Institutional Sales Trader. He was then promoted to Institutional Business Sales Manager, where he gained important skills related to business development, sales strategies, and global investment. It was during his time in Denmark that also made him appreciate the serene surroundings of the Danish landscape that was populated with trees and other forms of nature. This would later lead him to pioneer sustainability projects back in Malta.

Eglitis’ founding of EXANTE came after meeting Alexey Kirienko and Anatoliy Knyazev. Eglitis had his skills in business management, while Kirienko and Knyazev were versed in mathematics, global investment, and trading software development. The three of them joined forces and established EXANTE in 2011 in Malta.

EXANTE obtained an MFSA license to operate legally in Malta shortly, and the founders worked on developing a propriety trading platform for its clients to deliver a strong trading experience. Eglitis believed in developing EXANTE to be a professional broker that can offer a wide range of financial instruments to traders regardless of their experience level, and as the company became the first in the country to offer direct access to global markets for Maltese traders.

Eglitis played an important rolein the development of EXANTE from a local broker to a global one with an international clientele. With his skills in business development, the company managed to expand slowly but surely over the years. Today, EXANTE has clients from over 100 countries and has offices in Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. It is licensed to operate in all these regions, by the MFSA, CySEC, SFC, and FCA respectively. EXANTE is also compliant with MiFID-II and GDPR, which are two frameworks that ensure financial regulation and data protection for users in the European Union.

The broker today offers over 600,000 financial instruments for traders from almost the entire world over. It provides direct access to over 50 international markets from a single multi-currency account. The products offered includes forex, stocks, ETFs, options, futures, metals, and bonds. Eglitis focused on the idea of not alienating any traders, and the broker sought to fulfil a diverse range of trader needs with its impressive offering.

Eglitis leads a stable life with his work on EXANTE achieving immense success and becoming one of the leading brokers not only in Malta but beyond. In his free time, Eglitis is passionate about the development of the financial world and investing. He enjoys participating in panel discussions within the industry and he is often present as a speaker to provide insight into market forecasts and analyses.

He is also a passionate and outspoken advocate for several sustainability projects based in Malta. One example is the Il-Gardina at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre in Malta. He strove to create a serene garden to oncology patients who sometimes spend months in the hospital receiving treatment. He is also an advocate on landscape projects such as tree-planting to beautify the landscape of the country in which he lives.

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