Equity Share Investment For Beginners: 5 Things To Know Before Getting Started

Studying the stock market trends and changes for a newcomer can be both exciting and intriguing. Being an investor, you must be aware of the back and forth market conditions to enhance your portfolio and multiply your money. Investment in equity shares can be a thrilling ride, by which you can grow your money, however, it is important to understand the inch-by-inch procedure to get through the process.

This article uncovers 5 important things that you must know before kickstarting with your investment venture.

What are Equity Shares?

The prime reason that promotes companies to confer their shares is to raise funds for operation rather than opting for voluminous business loans. As an investor, you can buy the shares from the company and thereby receive the dividend incurred from profits.

There are two options available to invest in the equities of a company:

  1. Equity Shares
  2. Equity Mutual Funds

Equity shares denote a part of the company’s valuations after a company lists its shares on the stock markets as an initial public offering (IPO). The more the value of the shares, the better is the stance of the company.

On the other hand, mutual funds are a compilation of shares proposed by multiple companies as an  investment option for the investor. You can also opt for two more settings of investment: venture capital and private equity, only when you generate a firm hold in the market than as a beginner.

Top 5 Requisites Before Investing in Equity Shares

The sole purpose of investing in shares is to augment your wealth, get prepared for uncertainty and reserve funds for the future. In order to accomplish such goals you need to start from the scratch and understand every aspect of the investment procedure.

1.    Visualize your investment nature

The initial step to analyse the nature of your investment is to sort some things crystal clear. Get your questions answered with the help of an expert/ consultant. Like, agenda to invest in shares, capacity to partake risks, allotment of capital etc. Once you are clear about the basic plan, you are all set to earn more.

2.    Use technology to decipher concepts in depth

Technology has grown substantially and has reached great levels of innovation offering umpteen options to invest in top companies’ shares. There are various machines and algorithm softwares like (Robo-advisor) that will help you as a newbie investor to invest carefully. With an optimal use of artificial intelligence you can develop your portfolio in a better way.

3.    Choose blue-chips companies

Blue-chip companies are one of the most recognised market capitalization ventures that are economically stable, carry a high valuation and carry a successful stance in the market. If you are a newcomer, then investing in such an established venture involves less risk and is propitious.

4.    Try to enhance your investment

Try to invest in multiple companies. It is recommended to not put all your funds into a single venture capital, but choose a variegated list to earn extensively. You can re-invest your money if you have incurred profits in the past.

5.    Develop a favourable and resilient portfolio in the market

The most important step is to reposition your market portfolio whenever required. To do so you need to keep a regular track on the market movements and the latest schemes adopted and conferred by the market. A financial consultant can help you go forth with the decision making procedure and grow your portfolio drastically.

The Final Verdict

In order to venture into the equity shares investment, you need to learn and understand the set rules of the stock market. Visit to know more on this. Investing in equity shares is a way to opt for an additional income source and clear the wealth making pathway. Therefore, lay a clear plan, understand your aim for investment and seek an advisor for further assistance.

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