Easy Personal Time Management – Second Step

You can usually benefit from personal time management, the initial step to employing this skill and gaining the advantages, is to produce a listing of tasks you have to complete. It was covered at length in Easy Personal Time Management – The First Step. Ideas discuss the 2nd key stage of prioritizing your tasks and also the possibilities to create this stage simple.

A number of different ways exist you prioritized the duties you want to accomplish. Based on your circumstances and what you ought to achieve you might pick a complex or simple method of the task. Furthermore you are able to combine these techniques to help refine the priorities. The important thing objective of the prioritization of the tasks would be to focus your energy on achieving results as opposed to just being busy.

The next methods can be viewed as when prioritizing your tasks:

1) ABC analysis

For example analyzing your group of activities and grouping these tasks right into a, B and C groups. It may include greater than three groups. Importantly with this to boost your time and effort management you have to assign some targets/limitations for individuals groups. For instance a should be completed inside a week, B inside the month, C inside the year. Further refinement from the method can split the particular groups right into a-1, A-2 groups again with assigned targets.

2) Pareto Analysis (80/20 grouping)

80 % from the tasks could be finished in 20% of times. Hence assign a greater priority towards the 80 grouping.

3) The Eisenhower Method

All jobs are reviewed and set in to the following groupings:


Important/Not Urgent


Trivial/Not Urgent

Tasks which are Important are completed personally if also urgent they’re completed immediately. Otherwise, they’re given an finish date through which they should be completed.

Tasks which are trivial are delegated if also not urgent they are dropped completely.

The teal trust includes a slightly different form of this – you’ll find them easily on the internet. Begin to see the personal time management portion of the website. They classify the keyOrImmediate section like a fire fighting tasks and also the important/not urgent tasks as key tasks. Online it shows that the important thing aim ought to be to maximise time allocated to such ‘Quality Time’ tasks and allocate time when you’re feeling your very best to pay attention to such tasks, the idea is the fact that many fire fighting tasks derive from finishing them when you’re away from your peak making mistakes or you’ve been depressed by a lesser priority task.

4) Body Method

This can be just the use of current sources towards the prioritization from the tasks you’ve. Tasks that suit using the available sources at that time receive priority. For those who have half an hour available, it is advisable to make a move that may be finished in that point using the sources available.

How will you pick a method?

The option of prioritization technique is really lower towards the best fit for you personally. The truly amazing factor here is that you could use them any even devise your personal method. Personally I suggest a refinement from the ABC analysis way of most situations.

It may seem simpler you prioritized your tasks if embark some goals on your own. You should have selected goals in most regions of your existence (not only say work) this really is to actually are aligning the task’s importance with your own personal goals not only individuals from the business.

Setting your objectives is really a subject not covered in the following paragraphs, however, you can make sure you have appropriate goals using the SMART criteria – Basically ensuring your objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding and timely.

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