Debunked! – Common Myths About International Schools

International schools are generally considered to be the top level of education for young learners. They usually have all the best teachers, modern facilities, and a range of options when it comes to academic programmes. But there are still some myths about international schools that we have decided to take a look at. The following are some common views about international schools and the truth behind them.

High Fees Only Pay for Facilities – We know that a top international school in Bangkok or elsewhere in the world generally has state of the art facilities. Students have access to modern classrooms, sports areas and more.

Some parents believe fees are high to allow the school to pay for these facilities and not much more. This view couldn’t be further from the truth as international schools employ the best teachers in the country. Although they have great facilities, the fees are there to employ outstanding educators in specific fields.

Elite Students Only – One thing that you’ll find in international schools is diversity. Students come from all different social and economic backgrounds. Although international schools do focus on affluent families, that doesn’t mean they are full of spoiled rich kids. Because international school employ great teachers, they educate students on the importance of acceptance, openness, and bonding.

Loss of Native Language – International schools focus on providing a diverse and challenging academic programme that is delivered in English. But they also facilitate a range of other languages. International students won’t lose their mother tongue as they are encouraged to study their first language along with other languages available at the school. International schools take pride in diversity, this is why they make a point of offering a range of different languages.

Difficult to Change Curriculum – This is never an issue in an international school as they are more used to student transfers than any other type of school. Schools understand that parents often move around countries due to the nature of their work, so they easily accommodate students who come in the middle of their semester. They always have solid support plans to help students cope.

There you have it, some common international school misconceptions debunked. There is a lot of misinformation going around about international schools and the only way to find out the truth for yourself is to do some research and visit the school. Another good idea is to talk to parents to get some insight from their experience.

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