Boost Up Your New Website’s Speed with Best SEO

Building up a new website and leaving it as it is will not get you the ripen fruit. You need to care for many things post building up your website to get the exact results you desired of. WordPress has been a major global choice for new enthusiasts now with around 74 million websites on it! It is a great news but surely you can do a lot better if you get to know more about the features of WordPress.

The most common of problems that even some of the biggest firms have to go through is slow website speed.

The issuewith Slow Loading Websites

Users get irritated and would rather go for another site if the former one is taking too long to load. Essentiality of speed cannot be ignored and should always go for sample speed test for their site to check the results and work on it if required.

One has to understand that everyone in the online world is going for speed and if you can’t manage to make that happen, then you might understand the hard way by losing customers.

SEO Tips to Boost Up Your Website Speed

Given that you understand this problem and will do anything to make it right, we will help you out with the following SEO tips to boost up your website speed.

  1. Indexing Database

Be it any kind of site purpose you have, like a blog, e-commerce store, news site or any other, you have a database and needs to be indexed for improved search results. This will help your database to look out for information faster and thus will speed up the website load time.

  1. Addition of Caching Plugin

Your page is stored in code and every time you click on the link, the codes build up the website page afresh. This eats up time, but with a caching plugin, you can decrease the loading by 5 times! This is because it saves major of the page info and eliminates few of the steps while loading in the site.

  1. Optimizing Images and Videos

The large size of media can use of a large chunk of the database and would take even greater time to load. For simple images one can go for PNG extension and to load faster, you can opt JPEG.

  1. Simple Website Design

 A simple website design with less video embeds; just one or two tracking codes and few algorithms will increase website speed like nothing else. This is the first basic step that one should keep in mind.

Bottom Line

There is tons of reason that you should keep your site light and optimized. Engaging end-users to your website is your ultimate goal and with greater website loading speed, you can start off well. With the above basic SEO tips for a new website, you can ensure that everything goes right before you publish out your site and present it to your customers.

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