BBQs2U – Enjoy Dual Fuel Flavours with Gozney Roccbox Wood Burner

It is a hobby for all Britons to gather with loved ones, make delicious meals, and relax while inhaling the fragrances and flavours of homemade pizza and grilled food.

The UK has welcomed the chance to enjoy restaurant-quality pizza and outdoor dining in their own homes with the availability of a variety of high-quality grills, pizza ranges, and accessories.

To up their pizza and grilling game, more individuals are looking for new techniques, styles, and attire as the craze continues to spread.

BBQs2U is on a mission to introduce Britons to the world of outdoor dining options. They invite consumers to embrace the art of barbecue by offering a range of items from companies like Kamado Joe and Napoleon, which are renowned for their amazing grilling powers. However, they don’t end there.

BBQs2U also brings the thrill of homemade pizzas into every home featuring renowned brands like Ooni and Gozney and offering premium pizza ranges for perfect crusts and exquisite flavours.

Along with its large product range, BBQs2U ensures to provide a wide selection of accessories that are specific to each item. They are aware of how crucial accessories are to improving the efficiency and comfort of cooking.

BBQs2U has everything you need, from pizza-making gadgets for Ooni and Gozney to grilling accessories for Kamado Joe and Napoleon.

They recently added the new Gozney Roccbox WoodBurner, an addition made to elevate cooking over a wood fire.

About Gozney Roccbox Wood Burner

The Gozney Roccbox Wood Burner is an adaptable add-on made to improve your wood-fired cooking experience.

·       Dual Fuel Capability

Switch between wood and gas with ease for greater convenience and versatility.

·       Enhanced Ventilation

Better ventilation results in a larger rolling flame, which improves heat distribution and cooking efficiency.

·       Spacious Doorway

The broad doorway makes it simple to load wood or other fuels into the burner.

·       Detachable Ash Tray

The detachable ash tray makes the cleaning process quick and simple while preserving a clean cooking area.

·       Hopper Tool

The accompanying hopper tool makes maintenance easier by helping to remove any remaining ashes.

·       Multi-Fuel Compatibility

This feature allows you to choose a fuel type based on your preferences and cooking needs. It is compatible with a variety of fuels like kindling, coal, or briquettes.

·       Extra Power

Heat is produced more quickly and for a longer period which quickly raises temperatures and sustains them.

·       Enhanced Capacity

Provides a 27% increase in volume, enabling the use of larger cooking batches and the storage of more food.

The Detachable Roccbox Wood Burner is a great addition to enhance your wood-fired cooking sessions since it provides convenience, enhanced performance, and variety.

You will receive 100 loyalty points when you purchase this item from BBQs2u. These points can be redeemed for a discount code or used to offset the cost of your subsequent orders.

Additionally, for orders totalling more than £100, BBQs2u offers free shipping throughout the UK. This product has a £100.00 price tag.

Buying the Gozney Roccbox Woodburner from BBQs2u is a win-win situation. Enhance your wood-fired cooking experience while enjoying excellent customer service from BBQs2u.