Advantages of Using Bolted Steel Water Tanks For Municipal Systems

In many urban areas, it is always the work of the municipality to serve the residents with clean water and making it more affordable for them. However, since the urban population is always increasing, they usually resort to using storage water tanks so as to meet the increasing demand of water.

Well, this always ensures that the taps of the city residents never run dry hence they always ensure that there is a constant water supply. Anyway, maybe if you have been keen enough, you might have noticed that the storage tanks always used for most municipal water systems are always made from materials like steel, concrete, composites or even plastics.

The problem however is, some of these materials like steel are often too expensive to build and also takes quite long to get installed. On the other hand, there are also some maintenance issues to deal with. This is why using the bolted steel water tanks can really be of great help.

These are basically made of steel sections bolted together to make the tank. With that said, let us look at some of the advantages municipalities can enjoy when they decide to go with the bolted steel tanks.

  • Several material choices

Well, the water being supplied by the municipal systems is usually potable water that can be used both for drinking and other uses. Sometimes they also supply non-potable water.

Anyway, depending on the type of water supplied, both the local, state and federal regulations and also the local environmental conditions, you might need to use different materials for the storage water tanks.

The bolted water tanks can be made using many different types of materials for both the potable and non-potable water supply. These includes, galvanized steel, stainless steel or powder coated steel. In some cases, you can also use fiberglass and aluminum.

  • Easy and fast installation

Well, people always like it when there is a constant water supply, this way, it can be readily available even during fire emergencies. When using welded steel tanks, you will be required build them on site and this is always affected by things such as bad weather and therefore causing the delay of the project.

However, when you resort to using the bolted steel tanks, you can be able to build them off-site and then transport it to the project site to be assembled for installation.

This way, you are not affected by any weather conditions and therefore having a fast installation process. This also reduces the amount of labor needed for the job.

  • Low maintenance

Using the bolted tanks made from the materials mentioned earlier will give you an easy time on the side of maintenance since they are always corrosion resistant compared to the welded steel tanks.

The bolted tanks coated with powdered steel are usually quite durable and also has a heat activated coating to help in getting rid of the weak spots in the coating and therefore minimizing the chances of corrosion.

On top of that, the hardware always used during the installation of bolted steel tanks are always rust resistant too including the fasteners used. The rubber gaskets used between each steel section are also quite durable too and are used to prevents any leaks from the tank. Click here to read more on the maintenance of storage water tanks.

  • Requires simple repairs

Well, all the storage tanks will usually need some repair from time to time just to ensure they are in perfect conditions. For the welded steel tanks, you will be required to cut out the damaged parts and replace them with new ones same as the concrete tanks, you will need to bring down the damaged area and pour in new concrete for repair.

As for the bolted tanks, you will only need to unbolt the part and bring in a new one which also come with new fasteners and gaskets. Doing this is quite simple compared to the other storage tanks as it also greatly reduces the water systems down time and the labor required.

  • Expansion

As the urban population increases, the demand for water also increases. When using other storage tanks, the only solution might be to increase the number of tanks used.

For the bolted water tanks, you can either increase the number of tanks to meet the high demand of water or you can simply expand them to increase their sizes.

This would be a great solution as it will greatly reduce both the labor and costs required for the installation. It is also simple and takes less amount of time.

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