A guide on leather craft singapore

Leather crafting, also known as leather craft, is the practice of transforming leather into craft artifacts or works of art through the use of shaping methods, coloring methods, or even both.

What is leather crafting?

With man always being linked to leather: feeding of animals and heating themselves with animal coats, yet was also used in communicating through the engraving through the inscription of simple illustrations or the dialect of symbols on it.

Leatherworking methods

The main leather procedures include 

  • Painting: The application of water-based pigments or dyes to the animal’s skin that is absorbed into the pores of the skin however it does not penetrate the skin.
  • Dyeing: Leather dyeing differs from painting in that the paint in the latter is only applied to the skin’s surface, whereas dyeing is absorbed.
  • Carving: Leather carving entails compressing wet skin with tools to create three-dimensional impacts and patterns on the skin.
  • Engraving tools: Leather tooling or engraving entails the use of stamps that are impacted with a hammer to apply pressure to the skin’s surface, resulting in imprints on the skin’s surface.
  • Shaping: This technique involves immersing the skin in water to make it more accessible. As the skin begins to dry, it stiffens and begins to sustain the given shape. This can be done both before and after modeling.
  • Laser: It consists of cutting the skin with either a laser or a cutter. This category contains construction panel cutting for bags, straps, and accessories.
  • Perforation: This method entails the assembly of several layers of skin through regular holes which also serve as help in placing decorative elements.
  • Pyrography: The skin is decorated as well as engraved with a hot needle, which creates darker lines until the final image is obtained.

Leather Craft Singapore is becoming more and more a material used and worked, often consciously or subconsciously, at the center of every human being’s life.

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