7 Most Commonly Identified Cat Furniture at a Cat Owner’s Home

A feline parent knows how inquisitive their purr-friends are!

Cats in general are independent in their thinking and actions and are hardly bound to your wishes and expectations. For example, they are quite choosy when it comes to their sleeping places and they like to have time to themselves.

Many don’t mind leading a reclusive life, whereas many are social. Some are playful, some are not. However, all are curious about their surroundings and like to make certain spots their own.

A cat’s life can be stirred into greater activity, which is good for their health, by adding certain cat-friendly furniture to your home. These props nudge them to access and explore new areas – stimulating their mind and body – and give them somewhere to spend time in solitude, away from the noisy world.

The only caution to heed is to have a check on what they are doing and how they are shrouded. Also, always make sure they have a safe exit from the exploration spot or hideaway. As they say, curiosity kills the cat; you need to make sure they don’t hurt themselves in the course of their home expeditions. Touch wood! In any case, cat insurance would help take care of the concerns of your fur friend if it crosses a step into injury.

The ones listed below are some of the best cat furniture ideas that will please your cat.

Cat Walkways

You can either add on a sloped roller coaster kind of walkway or hanging walkways that your catty can walk up and down, in the meanwhile burning some calories. It adds a whole new extra space for your cat to traverse in the rooms.

Desk Perch

Hooman is always found to fix himself to the computer, more so at home due to on and off lockdowns. Now your furry friend also needs his space right beside you to seek your attention. You can add a modest, purr-fect fit wooden desk perch where your mate can be seated or take a nap and dream.

Cat Gym

This is a pretty brilliant idea to get rid of the chubby paws and wiggly tummy. Cat activity centres, climbers and scratchers come in all shapes and sizes – just find the right one to suit your cat and the space you have to put it in. Your feline friend can spend some quality time working on her physical activity and health.

Cat Hammocks

When hung outside or under a table, this gives the necessary privacy and a warm seat to engage in a power nap or to look and judge hooman and other creatures walking around.

External Cat Ladder with Cat Door

This provides a way for the kitty to enter her hideout if the main door is closed. It would make a personal entrance for your mate direct into her room without having to walk through the door and rooms of the home to eventually reach her safe zone. Pet health insurance is a great idea for backing up her frisky antics up high.

Cat Pods and Cat Trapeze

A good option to pamper luxury-loving cats, they can rest in their pods and entertain themselves by swinging on a trapeze.

Gifting your cat with protective sanctuaries makes them feel like royalty and allows them to relish in their comfort zones.

Pick something that both of you enjoy, both watching and using.

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