10 Ways to Assess a Food PR Company’s Value

Measuring food public relations campaigns effectiveness tends to focus on sales conversions, click rates, bounce rates, engagement and the impressions and opinions expressed by target market consumers.

But how can you, a food business owner looking to improve your market share, profit or enhance your reputation and brand awareness, know that the food PR Company you choose to handle your campaign is the right one for you?

Whilst testimonials and ratings online are normally good indicators, there are more refined ways to establish whether your potential PR agency offers value, integrity, relevance, and a substantial return on investment.

  • Does the food public relations firm’s team fully understand your goals and how to achieve them across all viable media channels, from website to print media, events to social media interaction?
  • Do they innovate and create a unique campaign for every client and brand or are they prone to follow the same path for all? One size fits all campaigns cannot garner the results required. Is the PR executive managing your campaign confident working on B2B and B2C campaigns?
  • Can the food PR firm tell you who you are and what your brand stands for? e.g. Budget, luxury, every day food, occasion catering?
  • Can they call on contacts, experts in the field and influencers? A mention of a brand from an influencer or celebrity increases sales by up to 20%. (Forbes.)
  • Where are your target markets making purchases and seeking solutions? Your reach must be maximised, and attention given to the most productive channels for your needs. PR is 7 times more effective than advertising.

Neilsen research reported by Forbes found that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than any marketing. You need your consumers to be brand ambassadors.

  • What environmental, social and ethical strengths does your brand possess and champion? Why does your brand stand out from the crowd? Your food public relations team must use this information wisely for exceptional results.
  • Is the food PR Company discussing only the present or talking about the maintenance of rewarding relationships, loyalty, interaction and engagement between the brand and consumers? A one purchase wonder is insufficient for sustained success.
  • How does the food public relations team measure effectiveness? Increased footfall or online traffic, repeat visits, the length of time spent on the website, SEO, online recommendations, referrals and mentions in traditional and digital media are all proven metrics.

A typical return on investment formula used in PR is:

  • The gain/increase in market/profit minus costs of food PR campaign.
  • Divide the result by the costs. This is an indicator of value for money.
  • What timeframe is the food PR company team using to check the food public relations effectiveness? Daily, a week, a month, longer?
  • Can you work with them? Are the people friendly, informative, responsive to questions and alert to trends?

Food PR specialists at Ceres PR will help you to realise your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Please contact them today to learn more.

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